How to get a loan with no credit?

Getting a Loan with no credit sounds impossible, but you know what they say, if there’s a will there’s a way.

Collateral Backed Loan

A collateral backed loan is an easy way to get a loan without having a good credit score. This means you can use something you own with value to get the loan you need. Giving up some of your loved valuables can be hard to do, but it can be a small sacrifice for substantial financial gain. And with getting a loan, you get your beloved items back once you have paid back the pawnbroker. There are many reasons someone with no credit may need a loan.

Reasons for Getting these Loans

Imagine this, you are having car issues and need to get your car repaired to continue to go to work. In this situation, you can easily use a collaterally backed loan to take care of the car issues and pay back the loan in the future.Often times, this collateral loans are used when people are in a pinch for cash. If planned appropriately, using a collaterally backed loan can help get you out of tight situations. The most common places that offers collateral loans are pawn shops.

Pawn Shops

There are a variety of pawn shops that will take your items as collateral. Here at Sparklez, we will give you a loan on your gold, silver, watches and jewelry of value.

Most people think of pawning gold coins or bars whenever they think of pawn loans because gold has a clear value that can be transferred into currency; but that doesn’t mean gold is the only thing you can pawn. We loan on all types of jewelry including diamonds, precious stones, watches and more. So dig out your family heirlooms or those fancy pearls you never wear and bring them down to Sparklez for a collateral backed, no credit loan today!


Are you located in the Castle Shannon? You can get a pawn loan on your gold, silver and jewelry at Sparklez Jewelry and Loan. Bring your items of collateral in today and leave with cash!