Loan on Your Jewelry

While we don’t resemble a traditional pawn shop, Sparklez Jewelry & Loan of Pittsburgh, PA specializes in providing discrete & confidential personal and/or business collateral loans using jewelry, diamonds, watches, gold, silver flatware, or coins as collateral.

We are licensed pawnbrokers, members of the Better Business Bureau, the National Pawnbrokers Association, and the Pennsylvania Pawnbrokers Association. As a jewelry pawnshop, our jewelry-backed collateral loan rates are amongst the lowest in the U.S. and are regulated by the Pennsylvania State Banking Commission. If you are interested in using jewelry, diamonds, watches, gold, silver flatware, or coins as collateral for a pawn loan, visit Sparklez Jewelry and loan in Pittsburgh, PA for a fair market personal loan.

Loan on Your Jewelry

You can take comfort knowing that jewelry used as collateral is insured for triple its value while on loan.

How Our Loan System Works:

Collateral loans are easier than you think. No credit checks, no reporting to credit agencies, and most importantly, no legal consequences in case of default. Simply bring your items to us for evaluation, including jewelry, diamonds, watches, gold, silver flatware, or coins, and we’ll promptly provide a loan estimate. If you choose to accept the loan, we’ll issue a ticket detailing the item description, the borrowed amount, and the due date, which is set at 4 months from the loan date, with an additional grace period. Throughout the loan period, you maintain ownership of your item, and at the end of the term, the borrower has three options:

1. Reclaim the item by settling the loan amount along with any accrued interest charges.

2. Settle the interest and extend the loan for an additional 4-month period or

3. Surrender the item

Interest rates are fixed by the Pennsylvania State Banking Commission and are among the lowest in the country. Our total charge of 3% per month covers interest, storage and insurance. When you borrow $100 for one month, your fee for the month will only be $3.00. Each loan is subject to a one-time $1.00 reporting fee. It’s that easy! Just bring in your item and personal identification and we are able to provide you a collateral loan.

Jewelry & Watch Repair

Need cash and have jewelry to use as collateral?

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Discrete and Confidential: We offer the use of our own private meeting room for anyone who prefers to discuss their needs privately.

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