Creative Ways to Organize your Jewelry

Creative Way to Organize your Jewelry Say goodbye to jewelry boxes and hello to personalized jewelry stands. Why keep your precious metals stored away in a box when you can display them on fun decor to spice up your room? The best thing about this method is the freedom of creativity. Express your personality through [...]

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Why Buy Gold & Silver Jewelry?

Why buy gold and silver jewelry?   Years ago the value of silver and gold among consumers was undoubtedly high. In the last decade, people have begun to move away from buying items made of gold and silver. Instead, they opt for imitation materials made of lower quality materials. The question I pose is...Why buy [...]

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Millennials and Pawn Shops. Are they more related than you think?

Millennials and Pawn shops. How are they related? When you think of a pawnshop, you probably do not think millennials. So are these two topics related? Let's start by defining "millennial". Who are Millennials? “Millennials” are the generation born between the early 1980’s to the late 1990’s. This particular age group has started showing more [...]

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The Tradition Behind Wedding and Engagement Rings

Getting engaged is exciting and brings joy to many. It also means a lot of planning is involved. Traditions play a big role in the planning. There are many things to figure out. One big decision involves how to propose and what you will propose with. What exactly is an engagement ring? Is there a [...]

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