How to Care for your Jewels

So, you’ve invested in some jewelry…. now, how can you make sure it stays in the best condition possible?

  1. Keep them AWAY from chemicals

When possible, take off your jewelry whenever you are in a situation that involves chemicals. This includes even if the chemicals are just in the air. For example, remove jewelry when you are cleaning or even getting ready, if you are applying hairspray or other chemically based products. These chemicals can often damage your jewelry. It is best to keep your accessories away until you are all ready, that way your won’t damage your precious jewels. Also, try to avoid wearing jewelry when swimming or bathing. The chlorine in pools is a chemical that you should be sure to keep your jewelry away from. As for the bathing, although soaps, shampoos, and conditioners clean our bodies they can cause considerable damage to metals over time.

  1. Clean them properly

Cleaning jewelry regularly is important if you wear it often. Warm water and jewelry polishing cloths are the best tools for cleaning most jewelry. Avoid using tissue paper or towels because the materials can easily scratch and damage your precious items. Restore your jewelry to its best condition by getting it professionally cleaned from time to time. This way, you also avoid accidentally damaging a piece while trying to clean it. For personal jewelry cleaning, it is good to use a soft bristled, non-metallic brush with warm water to scrub off any grime. The same goes for gemstones, except you want to soak them in warm water with a dash of soap before gently scrubbing. Pearls should be soaked in soapy water but must be handled with care since they are very easy to damage.

  1. Store them to preserve them

It is so important to store your jewelry in a place away from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Just as the sun can damage our skin, it has potential to threaten the beauty of your jewelry. Keeping your jewelry in the bags or boxes that they came in is an effective way to store them. A better solution is a jewelry box, containing padded slots for each item of jewelry. This way, each of your pieces is safe and secure in their own compartment. It’s essential to separate jewelry because cluttered pieces can scratch or tangle with each other.

If you want your jewelry to last a lifetime, follow these instructions on jewelry care. This way, your jewelry will be beautiful for generations to come.

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