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Have You Inherited Estate Jewelry in Pittsburgh, PA?

If you have been named as an heir to an estate, or if you are in charge of liquidating an estate in order to meet financial responsibilities, then you have a huge task ahead of you. If you are now in possession of estate jewelry in Pittsburgh, PA, then you can sell it for amazing prices with the team at Sparklez Jewelry & Loan. We offer outstanding prices on jewelry of any type, including antique jewelry found in your estate. In addition, we can assist you in dividing jewelry assets among family members, so everything goes smoothly. Lastly, we offer a loan on your pieces at exceptional prices to help you get the money you need to afford the things you want in life.

Pay Less When Purchasing Estate Jewelry Engagement Rings

Estate jewelry can be a great option for people who are looking for pieces that offer a traditional and beautiful look. Why? Because it looks like new, but is priced as used. If you are looking for estate jewelry in Pittsburgh, PA, you can turn to the Sparklez Jewelry & Loan, one of the versatile antique jewelry stores in Pittsburgh,PA. We feature a fabulous range of items, including vintage and antique diamonds that offer timeless beauty, and with our great prices, you will always find the perfect piece for your collection or to give a loved one. Let our team help you find the jewelry that you will love for a life time.

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If you are looking for a way to sell your estate jewelry near Pittsburgh, PA, or you want to buy a beautiful antique piece that offers style and character, then you can count on Sparklez Jewelry & Loan, one of the exceptional antique jewelry stores in Pittsburgh, PA. Interested in learning more? Visit our store, or reach out to our team today by calling us at (412) 835-8805.