The holidays should be a time of happiness, giving and love; but often times, another holiday season just leaves a multitude of people feeling strapped financially. Many people do not realize that there are many ways to get the extra funds you need to get through the holiday season.

The first thing most people think of to bring in extra cash during the holidays is an obvious solution, get a seasonal job, like one at a retail store that needs extra helping hands throughout the holidays. There are tons of retail positions available during the holiday season and many stores stay open late during the holidays so this could be an easy after-work job. While these retail positions do help pad your wallet during the most wonderful time of the year, retail jobs often rob you of your precious holiday time that most of us want to be spending with family, friends and food.

So, what can you do to bring in a little extra cash over the holiday season without picking up a second job? Did you know you could sell or get a loan on your jewelry and precious metals at a pawnshop? Sometimes, selling your family heirlooms can be hard because you don’t want to lose that special something but selling isn’t your only option for fast cash! You can also get a loan on your jewelry to get cash today. In getting a loan, you keep the title to your jewelry and the pawnshop merely holds the jewelry as collateral until you pay for the loan in accordance with the terms of the loan agreement. This way, you can get the money you need to get through the holidays without parting ways with your favorite treasures.

You may find yourself asking, why would I want to get a loan at a pawnshop instead of a bank? There are tons of reasons! First off, getting a loan from a bank is not an easy process. The bank must first approve your loan, which can be difficult to qualify for. In addition to qualifying, it can take a long time to actually get the funds from your loan after the bank approves you. Instead, you can go to a pawn and jewelry shop with your items of value and get a loan the same day! Also, because pawn loans are collateral based, some pawnshops make loans as low as $10, which you would never be able to get from a bank!