Getting engaged is exciting and brings joy to many. It also means a lot of planning is involved. Traditions play a big role in the planning. There are many things to figure out. One big decision involves how to propose and what you will propose with. What exactly is an engagement ring? Is there a difference between an engagement and a wedding ring? Here at Sparklez Jewelry and Loan, we are here to answer those questions.


Is an engagement ring a wedding ring?

An engagement ring is separate from the wedding ring. An engagement ring is what groom uses while proposing. Therefore, these rings tend to be very flashy and have a more intricate design. The bride wears the ring from the moment she says yes!

On the other hand, both the bride and the groom wear the wedding ring. The bride may wear both rings together. Although, the wedding ring always belongs below the other ring. This is so it will always be closer to the heart.

The wedding ring is a lot simpler. Most couples choose wedding bands but they can also be stylized. In fact, jewelers sell sets to match the engagement and wedding rings. That is why they are so simple, to complement the flashy one.


How to design your own wedding ring?

Designing your own wedding ring is possible these days. A lot of jewelers allow you to design it online. From there, you simply make your selections on the set of options. These options may cover:

  • Style: curvy, classis, minimalist
  • Ring Type & Shape: retro, solitare, cathedral
  • Patterns & motifs: celtic, floral
  • Gem shape: round, princess, oval, cushion
  • Metal type: Gold, platinum


How to pick a wedding band?

To begin, it is important to acknowledge what you know you want. For example, do you want a minimal ring or a gold band? Next, it’s time to search. If the bride is aware of the engagement, together you can choose from sets. The sets include both the wedding and the engagement ring. This makes it easier to find a band because you know they will match. It ‘s very important to start searching early, especially if you are planning on designing your own ring. Custom rings can take a bit of time to create. Furthermore, keep in mind these rings are worn for the rest of your life. Remember to choose something that reflects your style. In addition, trends change throughout the years so you should consider a timeless look.


The Sparklez team wishes you the best of luck with your proposal! If you are in the Pittsburgh area, be sure to stop by Sparklez Jewelry and Loan. You may browse our selection of engagement and wedding rings. The perfect ring may be waiting for you!