Why buy gold and silver jewelry?


Years ago the value of silver and gold among consumers was undoubtedly high. In the last decade, people have begun to move away from buying items made of gold and silver. Instead, they opt for imitation materials made of lower quality materials. The question I pose is…Why buy gold and silver? Here I have summed up 4 reasons why you should go back to buying gold and silver jewelry.


1.Silver and gold are good investments

When you buy cheaper jewelry at clothing stores, they tend to be made out of inferior materials. As a result, you are basically throwing away that money for good. You would be lucky to scrap a dollar or two at a garage sale someday for that item. Whereas real gold and silver will always have monetary valuable. When you buy an item made of gold or silver, you may be paying more up front but if you do ever decide to sell it, you will always be able to get money back on the item. Especially because expensive metals such as gold can always be repurposed.


  1. Cheaper metals used to resemble gold in jewelry actually look cheap.

Many people often avoid purchasing gold and silver jewelry and instead prefer jewelry made out of cheaper materials. Rings, necklaces, and other items made out of materials strung together by glue that often gives out with time. Stones may fall off or lose color. Furthermore, painted jewelry can chip away to reveal the unsightly material underneath. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes you can find imitation jewelry that looks pretty decent. However, the difference with buying expensive jewelry is that you get what you paid for and expensive jewelry looks expensive and luxurious.


  1. Imitation metals such as copper or Nickel stain your skin.


Have you ever taken off a ring, bracelet or watch and discovered a green ring where the jewelry rubbed against your skin?Yes, well its has happened to the best of us. When you decide to spend your money on jewelry made of real gold you do not have to worry about the material staining your skin and very rarely do you have to worry about silver having this effect either.


  1. Treat yourself to quality pieces from time to time.

This last point is more of a piece of advice but I want to mention it because I really believe everyone deserves to own an item made of gold or silver. Often times we prioritise quantity over quality but when it comes to jewelry this mentality should change. Not only is quality jewelry more beautiful and stylish but it also lasts longer and that means less money spent buying more jewelry to replace the dozens of cheap ones that break after a month of wearing them.

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