Get the Most out of Your Spring Cleaning

As Easter ends and May is about to begin, many people get inspired to do some spring cleaning before the summer begins. Historically, the origins of spring cleaning come from the tradition of Persian New Year. The Persian new year falls in the spring and therefore many people would “shake the house”, or do a deep clean, to start the new year. The tradition then continued in America because in the spring most people store away their winter warmers and de-clutter their homes in time for summer. But, spring cleaning is not easy. Apart from cleaning out your closet, you can de-clutter the garage, attic and everything in between. So do you want to get the most out of your spring cleaning this year? Here’s how!


Aside from throwing your unwanted items in the trash, there are three primary things you can do with your now unwanted things: recycle it, donate it or sell it. Depending on the item you’re parting with, almost everything can fit into one of these three categories.


So what should you sell verse recycle verse donate and what are the benefits of each?


RECYCLE: When cleaning out your place, you will probably find a ton of receipts, old mail, your children’s old homework assignment and many other things that are not doing anything besides taking up space. Those things, whether they are paper or plastic, should head straight for the recycle bin! Do your part in helping out the planet by recycling these items instead of throwing them in the trash to then sit in a landfill.


DONATE: The next category for spring cleaning is donating. Apart from helping out those that are less fortunate than you, when you donate items at the proper places you can get a tax receipt and then even a tax write off. Although you can donate items of any size or value, most people choose to donate clothing and other items that they would probably not be able to resell.


SELL: The final thing you can do with your unwanted, spring cleaning items is sell it. There are many things in your home that you probably do not use or even need. For items such as electronics and furniture, you can usually make the most profit by selling straight to consumers on places like eBay or Craigslist. If you are going to sell something very valuable, like diamonds or a luxury watch, be sure to get it appraised first. You need to know the retail value of your item before you decide what price point to sell it at. Appraisals can be made at pawnshops by certified GIA’s.


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So don’t let your spring cleaning go to waste, be sure to recycle, donate or sell your items to get the most out of your spring cleaning!